The Nomenclature of Indian Foods in an Indian Restaurant Menu

When visiting an Indian restaurant, most people either get confused or awestruck after looking at the names of the Indian delicacies. Honestly, the nomenclature of Indian foods is not at all complicated. Generally speaking, Indian cuisines are mostly named after the process of their cooking; for instance, the famous Tandoori Chicken served in the Indian […]


4 Best Items in a Typical North Indian Main Course Menu

The North Indian dishes are popular for their thick creamy gravies along with a flavour of robust spices. You will also find the perfect utilisation of dried fruits and nuts in most of the main course North Indian cuisines. Apart from that, dairy products such as milk, cream, ghee, cheese, cottage, and yogurt play a […]


Top 4 Indian Veg Starters That You Must Try Once in Life

Indian cuisine is not only popular in the native country, but also in many parts of the world. You can ask any tourist who has recently visited the Indian subcontinent and everyone will tell you the same thing about the food available there – it is budget-friendly, comes in surprising tastes, and definitely, a must […]


Three Absolute Wrong Ideas about Indian Cuisine

Although being widely celebrated all over the globe, the Indian dishes are often met with some misconceptions. From the great Indian curry to the knowledge that Indian main course is all about chicken tikka masala, there are plenty of misconceptions that prevail in the world. It is true that Indian food reflects the culture and […]


Four Attributes of a Top-notch Restaurant

Dining out offers a great opportunity to relax, unwind, and indulge yourself in delicious meals in a special surrounding. This is what most people look for whilst searching the best Indian restaurant in Melbourne. There is a big difference between an average restaurant and a great restaurant. Atmosphere, experience, food, staff, and convenience play a […]


Top Indian Spices that Add Warmth to Any Cuisine

Indian cooking is characterised and blessed by the smart use of numerous spices. Masala, as they call in India, spices are undoubtedly the backbone of an Indian meal. One of the things that chefs all over the world find amazing while preparing Indian meal is the diverse range of spices used. If you ever visit […]


Reasons for Trying Out Indian Cuisine

Many of you assume that Indian food is spicy, greasy, heavy fatty, and essentially not good for your health. There are still numerous other people who believe that Indian food is truly mind-blowing, rich, exotic, flavoursome and super-delicious. One thing everyone should take note of is that Indian food is healthy and wholesome. It is […]