5 Authentic Indian Spices That Make Indian Dishes Healthy & Delicious

Spices have always been used across the world for making mouth-watering food. Indian cuisine stands out from the rest as exotic authentic Indian spices are added to Indian delicacies for distinctive flavours and mind-blowing taste. There are many Indian restaurants in Brighton, you could visit a good restaurant there and enjoy delectable Indian delicacies that would surely pamper your taste buds like never before. Explore the magical world of Indian spices known for their diversity. They not only take Indian delicacies to a whole new level but promise immense health benefits of consuming them. Visit a famous Indian restaurant in Brighton and enjoy the mouth-watering delicacies that get their authentic taste and flavours from diverse spices.


Turmeric is used practically in all Indian dishes. It infuses colour and even flavour into a wide variety of Indian dishes making them taste better. Turmeric is a healthy ingredient as it is supposed to be an antioxidant that has been successful in combating and effectively manage cancer. Turmeric works wonders in alleviating conditions such as inflammation of joints in your body and also prevents the incidence of Alzheimer disease. Turmeric helps to keep your liver safe simply by getting rid of toxins resulting from consumption of excessive alcohol.


Asafoetida is known for its robust and pungent flavours. This, when added to various Indian delicacies, could lead to amazing results. Hing or asafoetida is added to kachoris, khatti meethi dals, sambar etc. for enhancing the taste and the flavours. Hing is a highly beneficial ingredient that helps in treating digestion issues, bronchitis, cough and cold and even asthma. It is effective in relieving painful menses. This is a truly healthy ingredient with multiple health implications.


Cardamom has tremendous healing properties. It is used in Indian delicacies including curries and desserts for its amazing flavour. It is a vital ingredient of the famous Indian masala chai. It gives Indian desserts a whole new dimension. It helps in healing sore throat when it is infused in masala chai along with ginger. It is often chewed as it could be a good mouth freshener. If you are in Brighton, you could visit a reputed Indian restaurant there to enjoy mouth-watering Indian dishes laced with authentic desi masalas.


Black Pepper

Black pepper is used in several Indian dishes as whole spices for tempering. Black pepper is often powdered coarsely and added to dishes and soups for its brilliant flavours and medicinal properties. It is able to cure diarrhoea, constipation, gangrene, earache, and even heart disease.

Cumin Seeds

Cumin is also called jeera and is a hot favourite Indian spice that is used frequently in various Indian dishes. Cumin is not only compatible to most Indian dishes, it, in fact, enhances the flavours and the tastes. Cumin seeds complement many Indian dishes such as chaats, puchkas, chutneys etc. Cumin seeds are consumed not only to pep up your dishes but often because of their medicinal or healing properties. It helps in boosting your immune system, relieving nausea, offering pain relief, alleviating conditions such as diarrhoea, indigestion and body cramps. Jeera acts as a wonderful iron supplement in your diet.

When you visit an Indian restaurant in Brighton, you could enjoy authentic Indian delicacies made with desi masalas.

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