5 Traditional North Indian Dishes That You Must Try

Often, there are times when you do not like cooking your meal and want to go out for dinner, or your taste buds are bored of the daily light food. If you want to satisfy your stomach, as well as, your taste buds, nothing beats Indian delicacies as they have the ability to soothe your soul. North Indian cuisine, in particular, gratifies your cravings for mouth-watering gravy and delicious meals.

The northern region of India covers many states and therefore, the dishes that you find in an Indian restaurant in Brighton give you a combined feel of a different culture, climate and places. From Amritsari Lassi to Kashmiri Rogan Josh and Delhiā€™s Veg Samosa, North India has many delectable meals to provide you for your hungry palate. As different states are packed into one place in terms of cuisine, there is a plethora of vegetables, fruits, spices and grains. When you visit an Indian restaurant, make sure that you try the following items.

Awadhi Biryani

It does not matter whether you like eating rice or not, when you decide to dine out in the Indian restaurant in Brighton, having Biryani is an absolute must. The aroma emanating from a plate of Chicken Biryani itself will compel you to savour this royal Mughal dish. The infusion of condiments and spices along with the majestic Basmati rice is bound to surprise your taste buds. The gently cooked meat and vegetables make a plate of Biryani a feast in itself. Biryani is also prepared with lamb, mutton, and prawn catering to your requirements.


The Naan is an integral part of every Indian kitchen. The dough used in making Naan is a thick flatbread, consisting of a mixture of refined flour and wheat flour. The oven or Tandoor is used for cooking the Naan and several stuffing or a slight helping of butter is applied to give the bread a soft moist texture. Help yourself with Butter Naan and Chicken Tikka Masala and feel like you are having the best meal on Earth.

Kashmiri Rogan Josh

An essential staple food of Kashmir, this one dish has become an all-time favourite in any Indian restaurant in Brighton where meat lovers fulfil their cravings. With dry red chillies used in its preparation, Rogan Josh has ingredients like braised lamb or beef chunks cooked with gravy consisting yogurt, garlic and aromatic spices.

Butter Chicken

The Indian Butter Chicken is one of the most widely popular Indian foods across the globe because of its irresistible aroma and taste. It contains creamy gravy that is made up of various spices, butter and other creams where the chicken is being marinated. Butter Chicken goes well with Naan or Butter Naan.

Gulab Jamun

Made with Khoya (evaporated milk) and fried in ghee, Gulab Jamun is a perfect ending to your dinner. Originated in North India, its soft texture and lightness make it an awesome sweet dessert.

The main qualities of North Indian delicacies are thick, rich, and scrumptious gravies. The meals are heavy due to the best use of chillies, butter, and nuts. The elaborate North Indian food items served in Indian restaurant in Brighton hold a great spot in many hearts.

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