Delicious Indian Breads That You Need to Taste to Know the Difference

Most Indians simply cannot imagine beginning their day without enjoying delicious aloo parathas with mango pickles or fluffy pooris with chole for breakfast. Indians are delighted to have their aromatic curries with an assortment of breads. Each and every Indian bread is known to be unique and has a distinct niche in Indian culinary traditions. Right from the morning till the night different types of breads are enjoyed by Indians.

Breads are served for breakfast, lunch or dinner to complement diverse regional delicacies. Indian breads are prepared with a lot of passion and precision. Whole wheat flour is supposed to be the chief ingredient of breads but thanks to the growing demand for healthy food, chefs mix healthier flours such as jowar, ragi, bajra and such others for a definite nutritional boost. People living in Blackburn could enjoy an assortment of breads if they visit an Indian restaurant there.

Aloo Paratha

This is a hot favourite Indian bread that originated in Punjab but is popular worldwide. The soft dough is stuffed with a delicious filling of boiled and mashed potatoes along with desi spices, chillies, finely chopped fresh coriander leaves etc. and rolled out into large-sized round parathas. Aloo parathas taste amazing when served piping hot with a blob of butter. Aloo parathas are enjoyed with curd and pickles for breakfast.


Naan is fluffy and super-soft triangular flatbread. It is made from refined white flour. It is cooked ideally in a tandoor or the clay oven. It is often relished with a generous blob of butter which gives the naan a distinctive taste. Naans could be stuffed with ground lamb filling or keema. You could order naan at an Indian restaurant in Blackburn.


This is a much-loved Indian bread that is relished by everyone. Pooris are made from wheat flour. These are deep-fried small round bread that is served piping hot along with your favourite subzis or curries. Pooris are typically enjoyed with aloo dum or potato curry, or chole and some pickles. In Bengal pooris are also relished with yummy cholar dal, a lentil dish and some sandesh, a famous Bengali sweet dish.

Makki ki Roti

This is a typical Punjabi delicacy prepared from corn flour. This is a favourite winter dish that is usually, served with the authentic sarson ka saag or even palak paneer. Makki ki roti could be served with a dollop of fresh cream or butter.

Amritsari Kulcha

Amritsari Kulcha is a crispy Punjabi delicacy that is served for breakfast with chole. It is a kind of stuffed Indian bread made from refined wheat flour mixed with yogurt or curd. The stuffing could be made with anything you like such as the chana or rajma or any other kind of sabzi.

Tandoori Roti

Tandoori roti is a hot favourite Indian bread cooked in a tandoor or clay oven. It is made from whole wheat flour or the refined white flour as per your preference. It is round flat bread enjoyed by both young and the old. These are fluffy, nice and slightly crispy. They are relished with some of the most favourite Indian curries including chicken butter masala, Mutton Rogan Josh, Keema Matar, Palak Paneer etc.

Enjoy these authentic Indian breads at any reputed Indian restaurant in Blackburn.

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