Explore the World of Indian Street Food

Indian street foods are world famous and are known for their incredible taste and wide variety. Every city in India boasts of its own signature snacks. Mumbai is famous for its Vada Pav while Delhi is famous for its chaats. Kolkata is famous for its Puchkas or Pani Puris, Chennai and other South Indian cities are known for Idli and Dosa while Assam is known for Momos and Laksha Bamboo shot. These lip-smacking Indian snacks are sold by vendors in the streets of the metropolitan cities in India. These delectable dishes are such hot favourites that they are popular even in countries other than India. Every Indian restaurant abroad has some of these popular Indian street foods on their menu. You may visit the best Indian restaurant in Malvern and order some piping hot Onion Bhajji, Paneer Pakoras Gobhi Pakoras, Meat Samosa and Veg Samosas. Let us explore the amazing world of Indian street foods.

What are two of the most common snacks of India that are enjoyed by Indians worldwide?

Samosas: Pakoras and samosas are the two of the most popular street foods that are enjoyed by one and all. Today the traditional potato filled samosas have been upgraded and a whole new version is available as the meat samosas for the hardcore non-vegetarians. A samosa is a deep-fried snack, however, in recent times; samosas are baked or fried in air fryers. Traditional samosas had a spicy potato filling with some authentic Indian spices. Today, a Chinese version of the samosas is also available called the Chinese samosa that is filled with cooked macaroni or cooked noodles. Meat samosas are made from a spicy and super tasty minced beef or minced lamb filling. Peanuts or pine nuts are also added to infuse an element of crunchiness. The crispy exterior of the samosa balances the hot and spicy soft filling. Come and enjoy crispy samosas at a famous Indian restaurant based in Malvern.

Pakoras: You could have Gobhi Pakoras, Onion Bhajjis, Paneer Pakodas, and Spinach or Palak Pakoras. These are absolutely mouth-watering deep-fried fritters. Any vegetable could be sliced and dipped in a gram flour batter and deep fried till golden and crispy. This is enjoyed with green coriander or mint chutney or sweet & sour tamarind chutney. These are ideal rainy day snacks and are enjoyed with a cup of piping hot masala tea. If you are in Malvern, head over to the nearest Indian restaurant for some mouth-watering Indian street food fare.

Which is the famous Punjabi street food available and enjoyed everywhere in India but a hot favourite in Delhi?

Delhi is the capital of India and is known for some mouth-watering street foods. There are numerous roadside food stalls here offering a wide variety of delectable snacks. However, the most popular snack available here is the Chole Bhatura. This is essentially a Punjabi delicacy. The dish comprises of deep fried thick and super spongy bread that is eaten with a hot and spicy chick peas curry called Chole. You enjoy this tasty delight at breakfast time or anytime during the day. It is pretty versatile and filling. Generally people enjoy the dish with pickles and a green salad.

What is Mumbai famous for?

Mumbai is famous for Vada Pao and Pav Bhaji.

Vada Pao: It is the famous Indian version of the ever-popular burger. The dish comprises of a yummy deep fried potato dumpling that is placed in a soft bun along with some hot, spicy and tangy chutneys.

Pao Bhaji: This is a famous fast food delicacy from Maharashtra and available not only in Mumbai but all across India and in some Indian restaurants abroad. This delicious dish comprises of a super-soft bun and a hot, spicy exotic vegetarian preparation. It is enjoyed with sliced onions, lemon juice, and a blob of butter.

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