Famous Indian Dishes that You Must Try

Indian cuisine is quite popular worldwide thanks to its variety, taste, texture and authentic flavours. Indian chefs have won accolades for their culinary creations and presentation of the dishes.  Thanks to the popularity of Indian cuisine, several Indian restaurants have cropped up in various cities across the globe. So, even if you are in Melbourne, you could find mouth-watering Indian dishes in the best Indian restaurant here. Here are some of the much-loved and frequently ordered Indian delicacies.

Chicken Tikka Masala: This is one of the most popular Indian delicacies loved by people across the globe. This incredibly tasty dish comprises chunks of grilled and roasted chicken in a hot and spicy sauce with a rich and creamy texture. The chunks of chicken are marinated and then char-grilled in a hot clay oven or the Tandoor.

Mutton or Lamb Rogan Josh: This is a sumptuous mutton or lamb delicacy. This mouth-watering dish has its origin in Persia. Rogan Josh means cooked at extremely high heat in oil. The health-conscious people may be thinking twice but if you taste it once, your taste buds would be pampered and you would love to have it again and again. Mutton Rogan Josh is known for its mind-blowing taste and delightful flavours. This is regarded as one of the most enticing and yummy curries in the whole world. This is certainly one of the most delicious ways of consuming your lambs.

Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken is a hot favourite Indian dish and originated in Punjab. This mouth-watering Indian delicacy is any gourmand’s delight. This mouth-watering Indian dish features chunks of succulent chicken in butter based gravy. The chunks of chicken are marinated in hung curd and other authentic Indian spices and left overnight. Then they are cooked in butter along with some authentic Indian spices such as garam masala, kesuri methi, dhaniya powder etc. Butter chicken is loved by both children and adults alike and the true taste of the dish is revealed when eaten with naans or rotis, pickles, and green salads.

Saag Chicken: This authentic Indian delicacy is often referred to as the Palak Chicken. This is a mouth-watering Punjabi delicacy and is a wonderful combination of spinach and chicken. Chunks of chicken are cooked together with blanched and pureed spinach, onion, garlic paste and tomato puree. This is a delightful main meal dish and you can order it in the best Indian restaurant in Melbourne.  This dish could be consumed with rotis, naans and even rice. Chefs say that just one serving of saag chicken would be giving you certainly more greens than your quota of greens for an entire week.

Mutter Paneer

This is a pure vegetarian North Indian dish and it comprises paneer or cottage cheese nicely cubed and cooked in rich tomato-based creamy gravy with green peas or mutter. This is a delightful vegetarian dish which is very much in demand even among the non-vegetarians. You could enjoy having mutter paneer with piping hot puris or phulkas or naan, tandoori roti or aloo paratha. You could even order this delicious dish in the best Indian restaurant based in Melbourne.

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