Features of Indian Cuisine that Make It So Irresistible

Indian food has crossed all geographical boundaries and reached foreign land. Today everyone seems to know and enjoy the Tandoori chicken or the pav bhaji or the Kesar kulfi. Foodies across the world are huge fans of delightful Indian delicacies both vegetarian and the non-vegetarian fare. You could try an amazing variety of Indian food at the best Indian restaurant in Melbourne at affordable prices. Indian food has today been regarded as India’s soft power and there is a mention of it in Hollywood movies as well. The Mistress of Spices and Today’s Special have been based on Indian food. Numerous television shows are talking about the tempting Indian curries and other delectable dishes.

The Current Trend

More and more people are visiting the reputed Indian restaurants across the world and relishing popular Indian delicacies such as the Biryani, Tandoori Chicken, Mutton Rogan Josh, Paneer Tikka, Kebabs, Curries, Naan, Dosa, and much more in places like U.S.A., U.K. Australia, Canada, China, and even the Middle East.  Indian food is gaining traction by the day in the global food circuit.

Tandoori and North Indian dishes are very much in demand worldwide. North Indian food is incredibly tasty and there is no match for palak paneer, chicken butter masala, or Makai kofta. You could never get over the delicious Tandoori treats such as the Tandoori Chicken, Paneer Tikkas, Chicken Reshmi Kebabs and much more. You could visit the best Indian restaurant in Melbourne and order authentic Indian delicacies of your choice from an exhaustive menu.

Amazing Diversity

Indian food has become popular over the years because of its amazing diversity. India is comprised of 29 states. Each state has its own culture and elaborate cuisine. Indian cuisine has something to please every kind of taste bud. Come to the best Indian restaurant in Melbourne to discover the rich culinary traditions of India.

Gourmets worldwide love something or the other from the extensive and impressive Indian fare. There are some people who would care to have South Indian delicacies, others who have a fascination for Punjabi delights, still others who relish Rajasthani food or Goan cuisine, Parsi delicacies or Bengali mouth-watering dishes. There is a huge demand for Indian street food everywhere right from the Pav Bhaji Vada Pav, Papri Chaat to Dahi Vadas, Samosas, Pakodas and Chaats. Indian street food has been given a new lease of life abroad by introducing a few hybrid versions like the naanwiches, chapatti tacos and the like.

Nutrition Quotient Unbeatable

Most of the Indian dishes are prepared in such a manner that the nutritive value of all the ingredients are intact and are not lost because of the cooking. Indian food gets its authentic taste and flavours because of a whole lot of spices. These spices have health benefits. Pickles and salads are served in different parts of India. They are unique to the region in terms of taste and ingredients yet they would be stimulating your taste buds like never before.

Visit the best Indian restaurant in Melbourne to enjoy the distinctive flavours and the amazing aroma of different Indian dishes. Talented Indian chefs are always experimenting and trying to come up with some amazing delicacies that would surely pamper your taste buds.

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