Indian Restaurants – Abridging the Hemispheres

Indians have an inexplicable connection with food. With the diversity of culture and climatic conditions, India as a whole is expected to have a wide range of food habits. We have also seen a tendency of Indians, especially among the youths, to have food outside the home. This has led to a booming business of restaurants. Some of the best Indian restaurants are spread across the globe as Indian cuisine is loved not only by the Indians, but also the foreigners. Melbourne has its own share of Indian restaurants.

To name a few features of Indian restaurants I will ask you to scroll down.

# Offer an assortment of unique Indian dishes

Several diners have remarkably established themselves outside India by serving fresh and unexpected Indian dishes. To name a few of the dishes offered; pomegranate and cashew kofta are just finger licking delicacies. To add more to your taste buds, try the spinach preparation with cheese and garlic sauce. Okra fries should also be there on your list. Different types of preparations of dals (pulse) and vindaloo are great attractions.

In the non-veg section, the chicken lovers can be unhesitant to go for chicken tikka masala, which is worth trying.

# Play Indian music

Adding to it, they also set the mood by playing non-stop Bollywood numbers, thus, giving a flavour of Indian restaurant in Melbourne. What you would like the most is the perfect Indian restaurant ambience. It would be definitely fun to be there with your friends and family.

# Gift the perfect Desi getup

Coming to the ambience, one cannot ignore the typical rustic Indian look some restaurants display. With dhaba-like features, they are bound to attract several Indians, as well as, Australians. Even the attire of the waiters is at par with that of the highway eateries. There is hardly any difference between what you see in India and what you see at the best Indian restaurant in Melbourne.

# Food from all corners in India

If you are lost somewhere in the whirlwind of a foreign locale and want to get the taste of India, what can be better than an Indian restaurant? No matter what cuisine they serve, after all, it is Indian by nature. Whether they serve North Indian, South Indian, East Indian or West Indian cuisine, Indians simply love to eat in these diners.

# Perfect ambience to spend precious time with close ones

Restaurants are apt places for friends to gather as the prices are reasonable and the feel is wonderful. The service and the hospitality are also good.

Australia has seen a lot of Indians migrating. A large chunk of the Indian population has been there for years. They established plenty of restaurants to bring the delicacies of their homeland to this young continent. The rapid growth of the best Indian restaurant in Melbourne has been a blessing for all those food lovers in Australia. Not to forget that the inhabitants have gradually fallen in love with Indian cuisine, as well.

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