Indian Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian Delights: A Must Try for Everyone

India is well-known worldwide because of a number of things. However, the most important aspect of India that fascinates everyone is its people and their love for food, cuisine, and culture. Food is surely something to celebrate about, as far as, Indians are concerned. Indians love their food, their authentic spices, and everything associated with the culinary world. There are numerous healthy and tasty Indian vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes that are relished by gourmets all over the world. You may enjoy authentic Indian food at the best Indian restaurant based in Malvern. Here are some of the most popular Indian dishes that are in great demand all over the world.

Dal Makhni & Dal Tadka

These are two of the most popular lentil dishes from India. They are super delicious and healthy delicacies that would leave you asking for more for sure.

What Is Dal Makhni?

Dal Makhni is a hot favourite Punjabi dish. The chief ingredients that go into the making of dal makhni are urad dal or whole black lentils, a handful of rajma or red kidney beans, tomato puree, butter in generous proportions and fresh cream for finishing the dish and giving a smooth creamy texture to the dish.

What Are the Ingredients Of Dal Tadka?

Dal Tadka is a simple lentil dish that is loved by one and all. Dal Tadka basically is cooked lentil that is tempered with ghee or oil, whole spices such as jeera or cumin, garam masala, bay leaf etc. This is surely a staple in Indian cuisine. Usually, this dish is relished because it is simple, healthy, and made with all-time favourite yellow dal.

What Is The Most Special Vegetarian Dish In Indian Cuisine?

Malai Kofta is surely the most special vegetarian delicacy that is served on special occasions. This is an exotic dish that comprises paneer & khoya balls dipped in a thick, smooth, and creamy sauce thanks to tomato puree and fresh cream. This is somewhat like the vegetarian version of the world famous meatballs. Come to the most reputed Indian restaurant situated in Malvern for these amazing vegetarian delights.

What Is the Most Celebrated Indian Vegetarian Dish?

Navrattan Korma is certainly the most celebrated Indian Vegetarian Dish. Gourmets who love vegetarian food would never miss the opportunity to enjoy Navrattan Korma. This is a truly regal dish and has its origin in Mughlai cuisine. Nine types of vegetables and fruits are cooked in a rich and exotic creamy sauce comprising cashew nut paste (optional) and mainly thick beaten yogurt. You could enjoy this amazing dish with Basmati Rice Pulao or with paranthas and rotis.

What Is the Most Common Vegetarian Delight?

Baingan Ka Bharta is enjoyed by one and all. It is a magical blend of some authentic Indian herbs and spices with chargrilled aubergine or brinjal. Baigan ka bharta is a healthy, flavourful, and delicious dish.

What Is The Most Favourite Indian Lamb Dish?

Rogan Josh is the most favourite Indian lamb dish. It is a royal dish with an overdose of ghee or clarified butter. It is a Kashmiri delicacy comprising tender braised lamb pieces in exotic rich & brownish gravy comprising yogurt, onion, and some authentic desi masalas. It feels nothing short of heaven in the mouth. Try this delicious Indian dish at the most trusted Indian restaurant located in Malvern.

What Are the Most Famous & Favourite Indian Chicken Dishes?

Chicken Tikka and Tandoori Chicken are the most popular Indian chicken delicacies. Chicken tikka consists of boneless chicken chunks that are marinated in ginger garlic paste and yogurt along with some spices and herbs and char-grilled in a clay oven or tandoor. This is mostly enjoyed as a starter or as an accompaniment with hard drinks.

Tandoori Chicken includes big pieces of chicken marinated in a similar yogurt, herbs, and spices marinade. These pieces are then chargrilled in a Tandoor. They have a distinctive red colour and are known for their amazing taste and authentic Indian flavours.

Come to the best Indian restaurant in Malvern to relish Indian vegetarian & non-vegetarian delights.

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