Some Frequently Asked Questions about Indian Restaurants

Indian cuisine is quite popular worldwide and Indian restaurants are mostly running packed houses even in Australia. Indian restaurants serve top quality food. Connoisseurs of food are always looking for diversity and they keep exploring new options. Indian cuisine is a hot favourite in Australia especially, among the Indians living away from their homeland. However, […]


The Enticing World of Indian Food at a Glance

Indian cuisine has gained an immense appreciation and worldwide popularity. Everyone loves to visit an Indian restaurant whether it is based in India or in Melbourne, Australia. Here are some of the most common queries people have about Indian food. Why is Indian cuisine so popular all over the world? Indian food is simply mind-blowing […]


5 Authentic Indian Spices That Make Indian Dishes Healthy & Delicious

Spices have always been used across the world for making mouth-watering food. Indian cuisine stands out from the rest as exotic authentic Indian spices are added to Indian delicacies for distinctive flavours and mind-blowing taste. There are many Indian restaurants in Brighton, you could visit a good restaurant there and enjoy delectable Indian delicacies that […]


Things that Attract Guests to Indian Restaurants?

Restaurants differ in terms of service, cuisine, ambiance, and of course, prices. When you go visiting restaurants one after another, you would come across some visible differences between them. After visiting a good Indian restaurant, you would wish to go back there. Something about it seems to be magnetic and you are compelled to make […]


The Wonders that a Glass of Lassi Could Do for Your Health

Lassi is a popular Indian drink that is delicious, nutritious, and very refreshing. It is essentially a Punjabi drink that is usually, enjoyed post a meal. It is a summer drink that is available everywhere in India and has become quite popular even in other countries across the globe. It is made from curd or [...]

Famous Indian Dishes that You Must Try

Indian cuisine is quite popular worldwide thanks to its variety, taste, texture and authentic flavours. Indian chefs have won accolades for their culinary creations and presentation of the dishes.  Thanks to the popularity of Indian cuisine, several Indian restaurants have cropped up in various cities across the globe. So, even if you are in Melbourne, […]


Delicious Indian Breads That You Need to Taste to Know the Difference

Most Indians simply cannot imagine beginning their day without enjoying delicious aloo parathas with mango pickles or fluffy pooris with chole for breakfast. Indians are delighted to have their aromatic curries with an assortment of breads. Each and every Indian bread is known to be unique and has a distinct niche in Indian culinary traditions. […]


Delicious Desserts that Indian Cuisine Is Proud to Offer

Indian cuisine offers a host of delicious desserts you simply cannot resist. India is known for its diversity and that is quite evident in its huge variety of desserts that are served on special occasions including weddings and festivals. No special event in your life could be complete without a delectable dessert. If you are […]