Famous Indian Dishes that You Must Try

Indian cuisine is quite popular worldwide thanks to its variety, taste, texture and authentic flavours. Indian chefs have won accolades for their culinary creations and presentation of the dishes.  Thanks to the popularity of Indian cuisine, several Indian restaurants have cropped up in various cities across the globe. So, even if you are in Melbourne, […]


Delicious Indian Breads That You Need to Taste to Know the Difference

Most Indians simply cannot imagine beginning their day without enjoying delicious aloo parathas with mango pickles or fluffy pooris with chole for breakfast. Indians are delighted to have their aromatic curries with an assortment of breads. Each and every Indian bread is known to be unique and has a distinct niche in Indian culinary traditions. […]


Delicious Desserts that Indian Cuisine Is Proud to Offer

Indian cuisine offers a host of delicious desserts you simply cannot resist. India is known for its diversity and that is quite evident in its huge variety of desserts that are served on special occasions including weddings and festivals. No special event in your life could be complete without a delectable dessert. If you are […]


Delectable Desserts That Would Win the Gourmand’s Heart

The best way to end your meal is by having a delectable dessert. Indian cuisine offers an impressive range of desserts. You would surely love the quintessential Indian desserts like the kulfi, gulab jamun, jalebis, ragullas, rasamalai, and rabri etc. No meal could ever be complete without a finger-licking classical dessert. Indians have a great […]


Some Mouth-Watering Indian Snacks You Would Always Relish

Indian cuisine boasts of delicious snacks and starters alongside some amazing main course delicacies. A cup of classic masala tea accompanied by some lip-smacking authentic Indian snacks could be the best thing that could ever happen to you. Indian snacks and starters are hugely popular worldwide. You would find Indian snacks and street foods in […]


Some Super-Delicious Indian Chicken Dishes

Indian chicken dishes are incredibly popular thanks to their amazing taste, variety and distinctive flavours that would leave you asking for more. Indian cuisine is known for a wonderful melange of spices and herbs. Chicken is not only highly versatile and could be cooked in a host of delightful ways including grilling, and charring, it [...]

Chaats: The Mouth-watering Indian Snacks Loved by One and All

Most Indians are food enthusiasts and they love to eat hot, spicy and tangy food. There is a wide variety of Indian snacks and street food that is enjoyed and loved by everyone across the globe. Chaat has always been a hot favourite Indian street food that is currently on the menus of most restaurants […]