Role of Garlic in Indian Food

Indian cuisine is known for its amazing taste. If you are looking for something different, you must head to an Indian restaurant and you would surely have a wonderful culinary experience. Indian food has distinctive flavours simply because of the incredible variety of herbs, spices, and ingredients that are added to authentic Indian dishes. Come to the best Indian restaurant in Bentleigh and explore the treasures of Indian cuisine.

Garlic plays a vital role in adding to the flavours of many Indian dishes and it is known to take several ordinary dishes to the next level. The enticing aroma of roasted or fried garlic cloves add to the overall taste and flavour of any Indian non-vegetarian or even vegetarian dishes. It is an essential ingredient in dishes like curries; stir fried veggies, toppings, biryani, meat and chicken dishes etc.

Do not undermine the role of garlic in adding a whole new dimension to any simple preparation. It gives a boost in taste and flavours. Moreover, garlic is known to have numerous medicinal properties. You could never imagine Chicken Vindaloo, Tandoori Chicken, or Chicken Tikka, or Mutton Masala without garlic in it. Garlic is added to these dishes for an extra punch. Come to the most reliable Indian restaurant based in Bentleigh and enjoy authentic Indian delicacies that are sure to pamper your taste buds.  Here are some wonderful advantages of using garlic in your dishes.

Does garlic help in purifying your blood?

Yes, garlic is known to be an effective blood purifier. Many women are perpetually disgusted and fed up of wearing makeup every morning before stepping out of home for office simply to conceal pimples or acne breakouts. If you want to eliminate the root cause of your acne issue, you must include more garlic in your food because garlic is responsible in purifying your blood and helping you in acquiring a smooth, radiant, and pimple-free skin. Garlic is great for cleaning your system from inside by flushing out effectively the harmful toxins.

Can garlic take care of infections?

Garlic is known for its incredible medicinal properties. Garlic is a popular ingredient in Indian cuisine and is enjoyed in soups, stews, and even broths for combating sinusitis, cold, and even flu. Enjoy mind-blowing Indian delicacies in the best Indian restaurant you could find in Bentleigh.

Does regular consumption of garlic help to prevent diseases?

Yes, it does. Regular consumption of the hot favourite garlic could reduce effectively your cholesterol levels thanks to the Allicin known for antioxidant properties. Garlic consumption is good for reducing sugar and maintaining blood pressure levels.

Is garlic anti-parasitic or is it anti-bacterial or both?

Garlic has been quite a hot favourite ingredient in Indian cuisine. Most Indian chefs would prepare delicious Indian non-vegetarian dishes and some vegetarian dishes by adding garlic and ginger paste. Garlic not only is known to enhance the taste but also boost the flavours of authentic Indian delicacies. It is considered as a true medicinal treasure. Enjoy medicinal benefits of garlic.

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