The Wonders that a Glass of Lassi Could Do for Your Health

Lassi is a popular Indian drink that is delicious, nutritious, and very refreshing. It is essentially a Punjabi drink that is usually, enjoyed post a meal. It is a summer drink that is available everywhere in India and has become quite popular even in other countries across the globe. It is made from curd or yogurt and is known for multiple health benefits. It is mostly enjoyed chilled and is great for cooling your body down during the scorching summer heat and often prevents sunstroke.

Lassi could be enjoyed salted or sweetened as per your preference. It is a delicious drink. Ginger, pepper, jeera, green chillies, coriander leaves etc. are often added to your salted lassi to give an extra punch. Your sweet lassi is given a whole new dimension by adding ripe mango pulp to yogurt and churning them together with some sugar or honey. Mango lassi is a hugely popular drink that is loved by kids and adults alike. You could walk into any reputed Indian restaurant in Oakleigh and enjoy this refreshing Mango lassi. Lassi is an excellent source of potassium, vitamin B12, riboflavin, traces of phosphorus and calcium. Lassi is certainly much more than just a cooling and a refreshing drink. Come let us explore some of the health benefits of consuming lassi.

Lassi Combats Body Heat

Lassi is supposed to be an exceptional coolant that is great for reducing body heat, particularly, during the hot summer days. Lassi contains water and electrolytes that are effective in combating dehydration. Lassi is also rich in lactic acid that is best for fortifying the immune system. It helps in preparing the body to fight against different types of diseases. Drinking lassi on a regular basis would be keeping your body heat under control and would be providing a cooling effect and a major relief from the stifling summer heat.

Great for Digestive Purposes

Lassi promotes digestion as it is probiotic and is known to contain some effective gut-friendly bacteria that promote digestion. The ginger, jeera, and pepper that are added to your lassi not only to pep up your lassi but they are all fabulous digestive agents in their own rights. Thanks to the yogurt and all these spices, your glass of lassi is a glass full of goodness and a great natural digestive. You could drink lassi to get instant relief from all sorts of digestive issues.

A Great Way of Fighting Acidity

Lassi is an excellent drink that should be had to soothe your stomach. The cool drink washes down all the spices in your food and helps to soothe and calm down the inflamed stomach lining. Lassi is effective in eliminating acids which are responsible for heartburn and indigestion. If you are in Oakleigh do not miss the opportunity of enjoying a super-delicious and cooling lassi at any Indian restaurant there.

It Fortifies the Immune System

The Vitamin D and the lactic acid present in lassi are great for combating harmful pathogens and bacteria that may have entered the body via diverse external agents. The Vitamin B12 is great for synthesizing the fatty and the amino acids and combats anaemia and stress. It is great for converting glucose into energy and promoting nerve cell growth. Lassi’s probiotic properties help in fortifying your immune system so that it can fight against common colds, infections, and other illnesses.

Great for Weight Loss

This is a fantastic drink that is a perfect inclusion in any weight-loss diet as it is known to contain all the necessary nutrients and at the same time, it contains very small amounts of calories. Moreover, it does not retain fats.

Fabulous Source of Calcium

Lassi is a rich source of calcium. One cup lassi would be providing 286 milligrams of calcium that is actually almost 30% of the total calcium needed by your body daily. As we all are aware that calcium is great for getting strong teeth and bones, you must have your share of lassi for a healthy and fit existence. What are you waiting for? Head over to the nearest Indian restaurant in Oakleigh for a refreshing lassi.

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