What Are the Reasons for Considering Basmati Rice as the Best Rice?

Basmati rice is the hot favourite rice of all Indians. Indians simply cannot stop drooling at the thought of the delicious and aromatic basmati which happens to be the star constituent of all Biryanis and pilaffs. Here are some of the key reasons why Basmati is simply the best type of rice. It is forever popular and people just find it irresistible.  The most reputed restaurant serving the best Indian Food in Melbourne would surely be offering mind-blowing Basmati rice dishes.

Basmati Is Best for the Health-Conscious

Basmati is low in fat and is supposed to be gluten-free. It contains all the essential amino acids. It contains folic acid and is extremely low in sodium. Most importantly, it contains no cholesterol. It is surely healthy option and is a hot favourite of the health-conscious people.

Moreover, Basmati boasts of a low to almost medium glycaemic index. This implies that energy would be released at a relatively steadier and slower rate culminating in relatively more balanced energy levels.

Basmati Is Delicious

Nothing could match the amazing taste of Basmati. Unlike any other standard long grain rice, the fluffy, and light Basmati grains would be offering an incredible experience like never before in terms of taste and feel in the mouth. This is superior in taste, texture, and aesthetics as compared to all existing rice types. It is simply intoxicating to your senses. Basmati is slightly nutty, unique, and distinctive. Come enjoy the mouth-watering rice delicacies such as Peas Pulao, Mushroom Pulao, Jeera Rice, Saffron Rice, Kashmiri Pulao, or Coconut Rice at the most renowned restaurant serving the best Indian food in Melbourne.

Basmati is Aromatic

Basmati has been the hot favourite rice for generations not only because of its superb taste but also because of its amazing and enticing fragrance. It has the aroma of sun-baked flowers and wood.

Basmati Means Premium Quality

Basmati Rice is known for its delicate, separate, and light grains. Cultivation of Basmati involves a lot of TLC as Basmati plant tends to be relatively taller than the rest of the rice. Hence, it is at a greater risk of wind damages. It requires constant love, care, and vigilance by the farmer.

Enjoys Rich Heritage

Basmati has been the choice of the elite since time immemorial. It has been an integral part of Indian culinary scenario for centuries. Basmati is given the status of champagne and is compared to the finest wine. Basmati has improved over the ages and enjoys certain natural characteristics that make it stand apart from the rest of the rice types. Basmati is usually, left for months and sometimes, years for it to properly mature before it is milled carefully. This would result in a richer, deeper and simply exotic Basmati flavour. Simply steamed Basmati rice could be incredibly delicious.

Authentic Indian dishes like Prawn Vindaloo, Malai Prawn, Goan Fish Curry, Goat Curry, Beef Rogan Josh, Lamb Korma, Chicken Saag, Mutter Mushroom or Malai Kofta could prove to be absolutely delectable if you try them with simply aromatic Basmati white rice. Come enjoy a mind-blowing Indian fare at a restaurant that offers the best Indian food in Melbourne.

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