Indian restaurant in Melbourne

Indian Burrp has evolved into an iconic restaurant in Australia. It has a friendly, intimate and lively ambiance. We offer a great dining experience to you and your family or friends. We are regarded as the best Indian restaurant Melbourne thanks to our comprehensive menu that offers mouth-watering Indian delicacies.

Indian Burrp offers authentic Indian food that is presented with brilliance. We have the most competent and experienced chefs in the industry today who serve exceptional food that would leave your taste buds asking for more. Our chefs are experts and they constantly conjure up creative and innovative dishes that elevate Indian cuisine to a whole new level. We are certainly, the most popular Indian restaurant in Melbourne.

If you are looking for best Indian food in Melbourne,you could head to our restaurant. You would never regret coming here as we offer a wonderful range of snacks and main course dishes that add a whole new dimension to Indian cuisine. The food items served here are known not only for their amazing taste but also, for their freshness, seasonality and premium quality. We focus on both traditional dishes and modern fusion food.

If you are in search of a reputed Indian restaurant in Melbourne, Indian Burrp is the right destination for you and your friends or family. Our chefs have been shortlisted and handpicked from among top chefs in the Indian 5-star hotel circuit. Each one of them comes with oodles of talent, creativity and invaluable experience. Our employees are known for providing highest levels of customer service. They are immaculate, warm, gracious, efficient and skilled professionals known for their integrity, expertise and professionalism.

We are acknowledged as the best Indian food in Melbourne. Our restaurant is really a hot favourite for lunch especially, for the office goers. We offer some of the most popular Indian delicacies including chicken tikka masala, butter chicken, Tandoori chicken, palak paneer, navratan korma etc. We are also a favourite hotspot for snacks such as onion bhajji, samosas, chaats, dahi vada etc. The authentic Indian fare offered here is sure to leave every customer feeling satiated and happy. They would love to visit us again and again and relive the mind-blowing dining experience!

We are regarded as the most renowned Indian restaurant in Melbourne. The amazing food that we offer leaves every customer asking for more. We assure a memorable dining experience for you and your loved ones. Our food features authentic flavours, incredible taste and amazing freshness thanks to the finest ingredients including unadulterated spices and farm fresh raw materials. Head over to our wonderful restaurant for a truly memorable experience!