Indian Restuarant In Brighton

Find the Best Indian Restaurant in Brighton

Indian Burrp is regarded as one of Australia’s best Indian restaurant chains with many branches nationwide. It has taken the Indian dining experience to a completely new level by elevating food to the status of a sublime art. We are known for our mouth-watering Indian delicacies, authentic flavours and fresh spices and other ingredients.

When you step into Indian Burrp, the finest Indian restaurant in Brighton, you would at once be transported to the times when food was not just a simple meal but a truly elaborate feast. Our chefs are consistently working to give you a grand dining experience through some wonderfully cooked and presented authentic Indian cuisine. We at Indian Burrp try and bring to you the grand Indian cuisine in a truly warm and inviting ambience.

Our chefs are experts in their own right and have a 5-star hotel background behind them. They present to you a fascinating and highly impressive array of truly aromatic Indian delicacies. We offer a wonderful mix of textures and flavours so our food leaves you asking for more. We have won numerous praises and accolades and we are constantly being pampered with great reviews. We cater to both non-vegetarian, as well as, veg clientele. Our chefs are consistently focusing on striking a balance in our food as far as spices are concerned so that our guests find our food palatable.

At Indian Burrp, the best Indian restaurant in Brighton, our creative chefs are constantly doing research and developing innovative dishes and variations to authentic ones and as such we are the leaders in the business today. We are a celebrated restaurant today, thanks to our evocative presentation of flavours, textures, and aromas. We offer an impressive range of authentic Indian delicacies in a comfortable and modern ambience.

We are also known for our inspired modern Indian cuisine. We create a magical blend of unfamiliar and familiar ingredients. The food we offer is simply delightful and includes Tandoori chicken, palak paneer, navratan korma etc. You could order mind-blowing snacks such as meat samosas, onion bhajji, samosas, dahi vada, chaats, etc. Our spread goes beyond the classics and involves a lot of inventive, modern fusion food as well. Thanks to the amazing flavours, the incredible variety and freshness of every dish we offer, we have made a name for ourselves in the Australian culinary scene. Visit us some time for a great meal!